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    Moving to NYC applying to G&T school

    Good morning!
    We are relocating to NYC from Portland, with our 4YO and 7YO. New to this whole G&T process, but would love to know how we can get our kids into a G&T program. Understand the 7YO's school report card from first grade won't hold any value and that I have to have them test. Any chance they would qualify for the same school? Very confused on how this whole process works so thanks for any input you can offer!

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    There is a certain amount of local district difference in the programs and their accessibility. If you are moving over the summer, contact the DoE and find out about dates for summer testing. There is some sibling priority, but placement is determined by score and by seats available along with the sibling priority. The priority also generally comes with another sibling already attending (not two kids entering at the same time). It just all depends on too many factors to predict in a very general discussion. There are many good g&t programs but in some neighborhoods families happily forgo g&t in favor of their regular zoned programs. It just depends where you move...
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    You would have to put your 7yo into a zoned school, and test them both this coming January. Once your 4yo gets a seat at a Kibdergarten G&T, your older one will have sibling priority.

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    Hello! This process can be a headache! The account managers at Bright Kids (tutoring and publications in NYC) are usually a great resource with questions like these.

    If you call the offices during business hours, it is free to ask questions about the NYC Gifted and Talented process.

    Our number is (646) 434-1084. You can view free videos on all things NYC education: http://bit.ly/2sO7Pys

    I also highly recommend calling the G&T department of the DEO as @nycschoolhelp mentioned: (718) 935-2009

    Good luck!


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