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    G&T physical education/time playing outside

    Does anyone know how much time each citywide g&t allows for outside play? Or how many days per week the children have physical education class? I am curious specifically about Anderson, Q300 and TAG. I keep reading that TAG is the worse in terms of physical education, only once per week! Many thanks in advance!

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    Q300 parent here. This year, all elementary grades had gym 2X per week. Recess outside every day, weather permitting (gym is also outside when the weather cooperates). I believe the city has issued a mandate of gym 3X per week and our principal is bending over backwards to meet it (but logistics are difficult for co-located schools where the gym is shared between 2 different schools). Kids also have enrichments like dance in addition to the regular gym classes.

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    TAG has gym once a week and recess every day, weather permitting. Co-located so gym time is difficult, as stated above. TAG started a new partnership this year that also provides swim instruction one day a week during the day, for, I believe, grades 1-4. I will find out as we enter 1 this year.


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