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    How to scale redesigned 2017 practice SHSAT test?

    My son took the new 2017 114-question practice SHSAT test, as provided in the specialized high school handbook, but I can't seem to find any (free) resource that will help me assess the results. I can calculate his raw score, but I can't find a way to "scale" that, as they say, or, more importantly, see how he measures up re the specialized high schools. Any advice? Thanks

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    You can estimate a scaled score using the percent correct on each section. E.g. if 80% correct on ELA and 50% correct on math then use a raw score of 40 for ELA and 35 for Math (as if it was like last year and out of 50 points in each section) then use the conversion algorithm from last year. That should be pretty close to accurate.

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