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Thread: Financial aid

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    Financial aid

    Hello, not sure if anybody has an answer.

    We have only 1 income in our family and we support another family (rent and food) and also an adult family member who can not support himself (long story).

    We would love to send our son to a private preschool but with an income of about 200K (where remember we pay 3 rents and support 2 families + 1 adult) can we ask for financial aid to get a break on the tuition?

    It's a complicated situation also because we don't really go around screaming that we support all these people ... we just do it but what they see is the income and not the expenses.

    the schools we saw were from 26K to 30K/year for PREK, ridiculous

    (We are religious so we are looking for a religious school, that's why we opted out of public, just a FYI).


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    You probably need to talk to the specific preschools you are interested in, and inquire about their financial aid policies. And while you don't "go around screaming" about your financial situation, you will need to be very up front and open about it if you are asking for aid. You should, however, be able to expect the preschools to handle your information with confidentiality and discretion, whether or not they offer you aid.


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