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Hi NYParent, I'm quite confused by this sentence (sorry, not a native speaker), I thought "logical reasoning" and "scrambled paragraphs" are out of the question this year, as they are not present in the newest test prep books, so why would the kids loose 10-20 points?

On the other hand, since the Shsat test is a bit "new" on the ELA part, it may affect the cutoff scores. Again, in a previous thread i mentioned, my kid was never good on ELA - in school or common core state tests (score 3.1); but he was doing fine, if not better than the Math part on Shsat. I know they did not change the Math section. But with the ELA being more "reachable/achievable" I wonder...
In prior years, the argument was made that the "logical reasoning" and "scrambled paragraphs" were unfair to students who did not have access to tutoring. Therefore, it was argued that the scores of these students were lower than they otherwise would have been. So, my comment was that we just don't know what will happen now that these students will not be at that perceived disadvantage, which I am guessing, without proof, might have been as much as 10--20 points.

My own hypothesis, without any proof since the new test has not yet been scored, is that the change will raise the cutoff scores for at least the top schools. But, we won't know until the results are released. Whether the change will have the intended effect of changing the mix of students who are admitted to one or more of these schools is a separate issue and also quite unknowable at this time.