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    Thank you so much, Joyce. Since many kids applying to NEST+m have 4's in the four core subjects, they will probably rank the applicants based on the precise test scores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycschoolhelp View Post
    I believe that this year for the first time, NEST+M is not administering an admissions test for middle school or high school. You can find their current rubric listed on their website. It appears that they are only using attendance, grades and NYS test scores to screen kids.
    Is it confirmed that they no longer do a school test? The rubric is for 2017-2018, and they did administer a test last year as far as I heard ...

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    That 2017-18 probably applies to applications that will be submitted in this year. That is usually how the admissions rubrics are delineated. Plus, the principal has announced it to the school and parents, so it seems pretty clear.

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    Application process for Nest+M

    Quote Originally Posted by nycschoolhelp View Post
    There is no universal answer to this question. You need to ask at each screened school that you are interested in. They will all do it in their own way. In most cases that I have seen, the schools are only looking at the grades in the 4 core subjects. Sometimes middle schools will also consider behavior from the 4th grade report card. If the schools look at test scores I believe that they generally look at the more precise score rather than just '3' or '4'.

    Since there is no testing requirement, how/when do we get the transcripts and test scores to NEST+M? Their website lists the rubric, but no info on how/when/where we are supposed to submit the grades/scores... Am I missing something?

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