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    Post SHSAT prep books recommendation for 2018

    First of all, i wish you all the best for 2017 test takers.
    I am trying to get ready for 2018 SHSAT test and trying to find out which books really came close to actual 2017 SHSAT test?

    Those who took the test this year 2017, please recommend me some books to study. I don't really have money to join prep school or go tuition. Too many books to choose and lost.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Well, my daughter went to prep school and her own school for preparing the SHSAT. She had books which she won't need any more. If you don't mind, I could give them to you. The question is "how". I work near city hall, you could come to me to pick up.

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    Red face Thank you for your kindness.

    We are truly touched by your kindness.
    Thank you very much for your willing to give us your books.
    My daughter posted the message. We could not get back to you soon because our internet problem.
    We just need to find out which book is good for the latest SHSAT test.

    Hope you have a great day.


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    Hi . We also took this year test. Math is very hard . Ela can be easy , and is very duable .
    As for Books Kaplan you can find on shelf in Barnes and Noble. Tutorverse Book also is pretty good. Section for ELA is editing and revising , Reading comprehension . If you shop on Amazon there is a many choices also. Since you starting early I think is right time now to prep for next year. I think we start very late or didn't much and didn'tuch do as supposed to.

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    Thank you for the book suggestions.
    Happy Halloween.

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    My question for the student who took the test last month. Which Prep book or practice test book reflects the current revised test? Thanks

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    andy you know when cutoff scores come

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    I used the big Kaplan book. It was extremely helpful, and I highly recommended you buy it. I also recommend you get the Argo Brothers book as well. Tutorverse was also pretty helpful as well. I also used the Barron 3rd editon book, but I only used it for the math section. And the DOE publishes a SHSAT study book yearly, so ask your guidance counselor about it. If you don’t understand parts of the book, you should look it up on YT. There’s this great YouTuber named “Tyler Tutor” who you should check out, and request videos from him if you really need help on a particular subject. I recommend that you try to study at least 2 hours everyday, with breaks. Try not to study too long and give off same days for rest, or else you will crash and not want to study anymore. Also, there’s a free program called “Dream” that was made by the DOE. To get in the program, you have to have a 3 on the previous ELA state test and a 3 on the previous math state test. If you don’t meet the criteria, then you should email the director of the program, and try to ask them if you could possibly join the program. Ask them if you can join the summer/fall program, not the one in current session, for its only for 6th graders. Try to be really persuasive in the email. Good luck! And remember, if you study hard, you have a chance to get in!
    Link about Dream: http://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/SHSI/default.htm
    Director’s email: SHSI@schools.nyc.gov

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    I would also say Kapan best reflected it in my opinion! I strongly recommend you pick that book up!


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