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    Post High School Help First choice Regular APP?

    Hey guys. I'm a new user and I need some serious help for my high school app. I'm debating whether or not I should apply for Townsend (takes me like 1.5 hours) or Midwood (0.5 hours)
    My grades are: Honors Math:99
    Honors ELA: 98
    Honors Science: 98
    Honors SS:95
    (I got an 85 in Spanish but I heard thats still a minor subject...)
    State Scores: Math: 4.42 (393)
    ELA: 4.17 (366)
    Absences: 0 Lateness: 1
    Do u guys think I should apply? My biggest concern is the commute. The fact that I need to change between a bus and a train really troubles my parents. However, I been going to my neighborhood middle school for three years now, shouldn't it be time for me to finally man up? The only reason I'm thinking about Midwood is because of its science program. What do u guys think? I live in Brooklyn if thats any valuable info.

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    Your stats say YES, but as a mother, 1.5 hours borders a tough commute. Are you an early, and independent morning person? Think deeply if you can commit to a long commute for 4 years. I would say apply to both programs and visit both campuses. Townsend is an amazing school, and so are your grades. What are your parents/guardian opinion? Which school do you feel would benefit your academic, social and emotional goals the most? Do a pro/con list and see what you come up with.
    Hope my words help and best of luck this school year and high school.

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    Hi! Personally I think 1.5 hours is too long a commute -- especially if you have to take a bus and train. Where in Brooklyn do you live? Is Leon Goldstein a possibility? Also if you apply to Murrow, you could get into the MSTAR program which focused on science research.

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    If you like science and live in Brooklyn, why not look into Leon Goldstein HS as well?

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    Thank you all for your amazing feedback!!! I'll look into some of your suggestions and see what I can come up with

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    Goldstein is a great school, but i believe if your heart is set on Towsend then go for it. But I would suggest if possible to actually do the commute to see what it actually would be like. good luck

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    Did you went for open houses too? Which school do you like better? I think school just helps to reach your goal, as long as you work hard. If I were you, I will put Midwood first; I did go to Midwood at the open house time.

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