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    Anderson Middle School test

    Does anybody know if the writing part is a creative essay or a response to texts, like on the state tests? If so, are the texts fiction or non-fiction?
    I know my kid has less than 1% chance of getting in, but want to tell him what to expect.

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    Hi--my child has just received an invitation to test for Anderson. Would appreciate any tips/info about the admissions test, especially thr writing part. Thank you very much in advance!

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    For those of you with kids who were invited to test for Anderson, could you please, please share what their state test scores were? My son had nearly all 'exceeds standards' and 4s on the state test (mid-4 for ELA and high-4 for math). But maybe that's not high enough? Any perspective? Also, I assume that since we haven't heard yet, we won't? Thank you!!

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    You’ll very likely get an invitation. My son scored in the same same range as yours. I only know he’ll be invited because I called the school to find out. They’re running behind with sending the invites out, so you’ll probably get yours next week.

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    I also think your son will get an invitation. They're testing 800 kids this year, so I assume anyone with solid 4's will be invited.


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