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Thread: G&T test

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    G&T test

    anyone child take the G&T test. how you feeling on how it went? my daughter came out after 35 minutes.

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    My daughter took it last year, was out in about 40 min, scored 99%. Came out very tired

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    Does anyone know of any websites that have free practice G&t tests?

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    Oddly enough my daughter was away for an hour. With me, she would finish the practice test in 30 minutes. She came down with the three other kids she went up with so I don't know if they were held until everyone was done (she said no, but who knows). She and her friends said it was easy, so now I am a bit worried.

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    Same here, it took him 1h. He was quick when he practices with me at home.

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    Remind me again, how many questions are there? I thought 30 OLSAT and 40 NNAT?
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    It is 30 Olsat and 48 Nnat


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