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    UWS Elementary Schools - PS 75/Emily Dickinson


    Planning a move to the UWS and looking for real parent feedback on UWS elementary schools. Most are highly rated, what has your experience been?

    How hard is it to get into another district school outside your zone?

    Also specifically looking for feedback on PS 75/Emily Dickinson, which is not as highly rated as others.


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    Sorry, I don't know anything about PS75. My son is going to Kindergarten at Success Academy Upper West. It's one of your options if you move to District 3. You should go on a tour and check it out. It's a charter school and admission is lotery based. They have amazing scores. We are really happy with our choice and our son is thriving there. If you have more question message me.

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    Vietnampame, is charted school also zoned? We don't live in district 3 can we still apply for the SA upper west?

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