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    Possible to get into district G&T outside of district you live in?

    Hello Everyone,

    I live in district 6 which doesn't have a great/good district G&T. Is it possible to apply to a district g&t if you live out of the district?

    Appreciate the help!

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    Good Morning,

    Honestly it depends on the district you are trying to get into. For example, district 2, you will most likely be shut out of most schools, if not all.

    On the flip side, district 1, you might be able to obtain a seat. Varying factors make it difficult to truly guess. The best advice I can give is do your research on the district of interest and its schools. If there is an opportunity, list it on the application, if/when you receive it. Go to the open house, I would plea my case to the Principal and see. Again, this may only work in districts where the demand does not exceed the supply.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Yes. But you need to find a district where the G&T doesn't fill up. I was in your same shoes and went to District 4, which did have room, but it was not a good fit. However, they still do have room I believe, and might be worth looking at. District 10 is a possibility, but I believe it fills up--if you've got a very high score, and admits are similar to years past, you still might have a chance with a very high score off the wait
    list...but it depends on how the scores shake out.

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    Here are some schools that still had vacancy last June for K. I don't know if these are programs you would consider. Like InwoodParent stated above, it's better to wait for the score in March and then figure things out. There will be more people on the board then and can give you more ideas. In the mean time, see if any one of theses can be your backup. You never know if DC will get 99 and score a citywide seat. Good luck!

    01M015 P.S. 015 ROBERTO CLEMENTE
    04M102 P.S. 102 JACQUES CARTIER
    05M129 P.S. 129 JOHN H. FINLEY

    And this link you may have already seen.

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    Do NOT waste your time with PS 15.

    PM me if you want more details.

    Have no working knowledge of the other schools, I would suggest to carefully research.

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    P.S. 153 is the one that the O.P. is avoiding, and when we were in the same boat, we went to P.S. 102 for a year. It didn't work for us, to say the least. However, others have been happy with it, and there is some possibility it may have improved--unfortunately, the old K teacher that we had (who was extremely problematic) is mentoring the current K teacher, and has been moved to 2d grade--however, the 1st grade teacher is TERRIFIC, and they have also added a music special. The school may or may not be more more committed to improving the quality of the G&T program, and it is a small school/small classes. That leaves P.S. 129--I'm not sure that their program is more functional than P.S. 153, as they were non responsive when I was looking into them. But worth a try.

    To be honest, one thing I've learned that I wish I'd paid more attention to / wanted to believe is that the district G&T programs really are likely to be only as good as the school in which they are located. You have to ask hard questions about how the G&T program specifically is different from the Gen Ed. And try to look for actual examples/proof; if they say that the kids do more writing than Gen Ed, look at the kids assignments or journals and compare them. If they say they do more project-based learning, ask for specific examples of projects they do in each unit.

    It may be that after looking at the options, a decent local Gen Ed might be more appealing. It also might be worthwhile to look at some district programs that do fill up, but sometimes reach out of district kids on the waitlist.
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