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    i'm not sure if it was u or not but did u call the doe?

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    Yeah, once i saw this thread, i thought he actually posted cutoffs

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    The doe sure likes kids getting cardiac arrests, huh.

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    No dude

    they don't post cutoffs..they collect them from students who got in

    after the results.

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    I think we're getting results tomorrow or sometime late next week. They usually do it on a Friday, so next Friday seems to be the most likely date. SO nervous!

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    if that was true, the doe would have said something when most us called.

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    my hands are shaking just thinking about this. doe needs to tell us already i truly cannot take it anymore

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    Yes and they said they’re not sure on the exact date yet

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    Either they're trying to surprise us, or it just won't come tomorrow. I believe that if it were to come tomorrow the DOE would've notified us already. I predict next Friday. (My school's guidance counselor comes on only Tuesdays and Fridays).

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    based on what everyone else is saying my best bets are next friday. if it was tomorrow they probably would've told the person who called. I will try to call on monday and see if there are any updates. i don't see a reason why it wouldn't be on thursday/wednesday (it was on a wednesday last year.) however, based on what Anxiety said about their guidance counselor only coming on tuesdays and fridays maybe it IS on friday. there isn't really a way to tell for sure and it's making everyone super nervous haha

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