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    Thumbs up Question About Discovery Program

    Hi everyone,

    My son scored a 492 on the SHSAT exam and didnít get our top choice (brooklyn tech). He was off by one point. I understand that there is a program called the discovery program for low-income students who were close to still enter in 9th grade. He did not match with any schools and we are now doing 2nd round for him. This program would really help us.

    Does anyone have any information on how to apply or when our son gets notified if he gets in? Any information is helpful. Thank you so much.

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    I didn't get accepted last year for Discovery, but it doesn't matter for me this year but usually it goes like this:
    Either your school guidance counselor calls you up for an Application, or the DOE can call your home (both ways happened to a few of my friends).
    Sometimes, low-income isn't the only factor they look at. Race also plays a role. Last year, if you were able to get free lunch, that also benefited your chances but not too sure this year on that. You also need recommendations (not too sure, that's what I heard) from teachers.
    However, first off, I suggest you or your child ask the guidance counselor in your Middle School to learn a bit more about the program so you can get some information on it. Also, know that whatever choices you or your son put, he has a chance of getting the program for those schools too (in this case, maybe Brooklyn Latin).

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    Hi Voa518,

    I really hope the Discovery Program helps your son! Here's the info I have. The 2017-18 Handbook is not clear about who qualifies for the program, but the 2014-15 Handbook is. I've copied the relevant section from the 2014-15 Handbook below.

    Last year, the DOE sent letters to the home addresses of kids they believe qualify for the program in the middle of May. The DOE notified the respective schools at the same time. To be accepted into the program, notified students have to complete an application stating family income information and include a school recommendation.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

    2014-15 Handbook

    Discovery Program

    As stated in the State law, the Specialized High Schools may sponsor a Discovery Program to give disadvantaged students of demonstrated high potential an opportunity to participate in the Specialized High School program. The Office of Student Enrollment will determine the Specialized High Schools sponsoring a Discovery Program. Students will be notified if they are eligible to apply no earlier than May 2015.

    To be eligible, the student must:

    1. have scored below and close to the lowest qualifying score on the SHSAT. Eligible scores will vary from year to year and will be based on seat availability; and

    2. be certified as disadvantaged by his/her middle school according to the following criteria:

    a. attend a Title 1 school and be from a family whose total income is documented as meeting federal income eligibility guidelines established for school food services by the NYS Department of Agriculture, effective July 1, 2014; or

    b. be receiving assistance from the Human Resources Administration; or

    c. be a member of a family whose income is documented as being equivalent to or below Department of Social Services standards; or

    d. be a foster child or ward of the state; or

    e. initially have entered the United States within the last four years and live in a home in which the language customarily spoken is not English; and

    3. be recommended by his/her local school as having high potential for the Specialized High School program.

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    I too have some questions about the discovery program. Can 9th graders take part in this program? As well as how can I apply and when is the dead line? I came across a article stating that Stuyvesant is taking part in the discovery program this year and I would love to try for Stuyvesant or Brooklyn tech. Last year my guidance counselor told me if I was unable to get a high enough score she said I can try the discovery program again. However I'm not so sure if she knew if 9th graders can take part or not. I didn't do very on the test this year however I would still love to apply but I'm unaware how.
    Any answers will be helpful in this case.

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    The Discovery program is only for 8th graders who meet the parameters on the website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parentk View Post
    The Discovery program is only for 8th graders who meet the parameters on the website.
    Just out of curiosity do u happen to know what score range u have to be in order to get in. It probably changes every year but do u have any guesses?
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    You can actually call the DOE office. That's what I did last year but I never got in. At the time, they required scores more than 465, so I project this year, they wanted around 480-490+. This year though, taking the 9th Grade SHSAT, I'm really happy because I got into Brooklyn Latin!

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    Unfortunately, I don’t think your son can attend the Discovery Program, for he didn’t score below the lowest qualifying score of 483.

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    The lowest score they will allow is 469.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anime View Post
    The lowest score they will allow is 469.
    Hmm u called them?

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