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    How do you feel about single-sex vs coed schools?

    Where do people lie on single-sex schools? Having gone coed my whole life, I'm just not that familiar with pros/cons of single-sex. I'm trying to get up to speed here, especially since some of the top privates in the city like Town and Stuart Hall are single-sex.

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    I went to an all girls’ school, loved it & am considering it for my children. There is a camaraderie & unique spirit of a single sex school which provides a very safe and inviting place to learn.

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    Now that all our kindergarten commitments are over with, all I can do is play what ifs... I'm still really torn between a couple of the single sex boys schools and the coeds. I see pros and cons to both. Any BTDT parents out there who can help enlighten me with why you chose one over the other?

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    The single sex schools will highlight research regarding how boys and girls learn differently and have different needs. What they say makes a lot of sense though I'm not sure how recent the research is or what kind of setting they observed. On the other hand, the coeds provide a setting that better resembles the real world. For us, it was about the best environment for our daughter. She's a thinker but on the shy side. We didn't want the more rambunctious boys distracting her from her learning so we went with all girls. That said, our second is more outgoing and could benefit more from the coed environment.

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    I agree with the above poster that different schools will tout the research that supports their school. We toured many co-eds that seem to have gender equality woven into their curriculum (MCDS & SFDS come to mind). I do believe there is a part of the school selection process that comes down to gut and where you picture your child thriving. Our girl is the oldest so I haven't toured the single sex boys schools but I'm really excited about single sex schools for girls.

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    My son has so much energy that I really believe an all boys school will be best prepared to help him learn. He's bouncing off the walls all the time. I just can't imagine him being able to sit and focus the way girls can at this age.

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    I mentioned elsewhere that we really like the all boys environment at Stuart Hall. It also helps that it has a sibling policy for my daughter as well. If it didn't have the sibling policy like the other boys schools, gosh, I probably would go the coed route since this process is just too time consuming. I really want to avoid having to go through it again if at all possible.

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    I am grappling with this now, so am resurrecting this post. Has anyone regretted going single sex for a boy? What are the downsides?

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    Quote Originally Posted by boydaddy View Post
    I am grappling with this now, so am resurrecting this post. Has anyone regretted going single sex for a boy? What are the downsides?
    We haven't at all. We've been very happy where our son is at. It really is the best school for him. People talk about single sex not being a real world environment, but it's not as if he doesn't know or interact with girls outside school.

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    Thanks for the perspective, citymona. Would you mind sharing which boys school your son attends?

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