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    Gifted & Talented Curriculum - K and 1st Grade

    If your kids have already gone through G&T K and first grade, what's the math curriculum like? I've been told it's similar to the regular K and first grade curriculum, but with "enrichment" - what does that really mean? Can the kids move ahead of what's in the curriculum?

    Asking because my son's in non-G&T kindergarten at the moment, and the rest of the program is great but they're moving really slowly with the math. They've basically been going over stuff his pre-K group learned most of the year, and just got to counting in the tens and hundreds toward the end of the year. Looking at possibly going into G&T (not citywide) next year if the program is very far ahead of that - but if it's just more in-depth, we can handle that at home and he'd prefer to stay where he is.

    For what it's worth, he got into PS 99 in Brooklyn and I'm planning to visit them, but I also visited them last year and they were pretty vague about what exactly they'll be learning...

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    I would be curious to know also. We are set to go to kindergarten G&T at Ps215 in September.

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    I’m curious too. Would any current parent share some info with us?

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    The definitely do more in G&T but it depends a lot on the school. Citywides are really a year ahead. My kindergartener does additions and substractions up to 20. District G&T has slowed the acceleration in past 2 years, but that also depends on the schools. You would have to ask someone more specifically at the G&T you got in.

    Enrichment in math really means word problems with two or more steps... i.e. A double decker buss stops at the station, and some people climb up, 3 sit downstairs and 5 upstairs.. in the next stop 3 people get off and 6 more get on. How many people are on the bus at the third stop.

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    Momx2 - thank you, this is really helpful! That's pretty much the impression I've gotten so far. Definitely a stronger curriculum, but maybe not different enough to leave a school we love... either way, not an easy choice!

    Bklynmom1719 - for what it's worth, I've heard good things about PS 215! I can't talk about specifics, but the parents of 215 kids seem happy with it. I've been to the school (for work-related reasons) and it looked very clean and the staff were very nice.


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