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Thread: G&T Books

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    G&T Books


    I have a whole lot of Bright Kids G&T books available. Please private message me if you are interested in any.

    Why do I have so many?
    1) Half of them came from a neighbor
    2) Two kids took the class and tested twice. Each time they took the class, we received a set of books. So some of them are still in shrink wrap
    3) we got some, may be too many, extra practice tests

    We went to check the test result twice. The material is about the same as the real test in terms of difficulties, the concept being tested, words and phrases, color and format of the pictures and questions.

    You can check their web site for availability. I also put down the original price for reference.
    Please private message me if you are interested.


    3 Sets of
    NNAT2 Preparation Guide Levels A and B (K and 1st Grade Entry) ($139)
    OLSAT Preparation Guide II Level A (Question and Instructions, two books) ($99)
    NNAT2 Practice Test Level A Test One ($45)

    1 set of (same as above, missing a Practice test)
    NNAT2 Prepration Guide Levels A and B (K and 1st Grade Entry) ($139)
    OLSAT Prepration Guide II Level A (Question and Instructions, two books) ($99)

    1 set of
    Workbook for NNAT ( K and 1st Level A and B)
    1x Pattern Completion ($45)
    1x Spatial Visualization ($59)
    1x Serial Reasoning ($45)

    NNAT Practice Test
    1x - Kindergarten Level A Test Two ($45)
    1x - First Grade Level B Test Two
    1x - Second Grade Level C

    1x Core concepts - Figural Analogies ($39)
    1x OLSAT Figural Classification ($39)
    1x OLSAT Arithmetic Reasoning ($39)
    1x Core Concepts Practice Test (Bracken, Stanford-binet, olsat and CogAT)
    1x NYC gifted and talented Bootcamp (K-1st Grade Entry, two books)

    New York City Gifted and Talented
    - Practice Assessment (K and First grade entry) ($60)
    - Practice Assessment Two (K and First Grade entry) ($60)

    OLSAT Practice Test
    Practice Test for the OLSAT (First Grade Level B Test One)
    OLSAT Practice Test (K and First Grade Entry Level A test One) ($35)
    OLSAT Practice Test (K and First Grade Entry Level A test Two) ($35)
    OLSAT Practice Test (K and First Grade Entry Level A test one) ($35)

    OLSAT Preparation Guide (K to 3rd Entry Level A-C, Instruction and questions, two books)
    OLSAT Preparation Guide II (Second to Third Grade entry. Instruction and Questions, two books)
    OLSAT Preparation Guide II (K and 1st Grade Entry Level A) ($99)
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    We also used the Bright Kids books (not the classes, just some of the books), and I've also seen the test, and can verify that they do seem to approximate the test.

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    Just out of curiosity, how are you guys able to see the actual G&T questions from the real test?? Isn't that stuff highly classified and restricted from viewing (other than the students who took it)?

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    When you sign up to take the test, there's an option to sign up to view your child's test afterward. You can see their test and answers, but you can't take notes or pictures.

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    First of all. I apologize to all who PM'ed me. It has been very busy with kids in the Summer and new school. Now schedule is set. I added a photo album with all the books that are still available. I'm not sure how to get the URL to the album, but check my profile to find it. It is opened to the public.

    Feel free to PM me. I live in Queens and I can get to Bayside/Fresh Meadow/Flushing, drop kids off in Astoria in the morning and head to down town to work. I can bring book to somewhere around these place.

    Short desc of the books in the photos
    1. Misc books for OLSAT concepts
    2. OLSAT Prep Guide II (instruction and Questions) 2nd to 3rd grade entry
    3. OLSAT Prep Guide II (instruction and questions) 3rd grade entry
    4. a set of books "New York City Gifted and Talented " boot camp

    5. FOUR sets of OLSAT Preparation Guide II (each set has two book. One for instruction, one for the kids to read). 3 sets are still in shrink wrap. I believe this are given out if you sign up the class.
    6. NNAT Practice Test Level C for second grade
    7. TWO sets of NNAT Prep test for K level entry. Only one book is in shrink wrap
    8. THREE NNAT Prep Guide for K and 1st entry. two of them are in shrink wrap ( these come with signing up the classes0
    9. A set of book for each category of the NNAT Test

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    By the way, were you happy with your experience with Bright Kids? I was planning on using them next summer but I have read mixed reviews online. I’m not so sure anymore... Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Depending on where you live, you might want to try Talent Prep in Chinatown/Astoria (2 locations). We went with them because they were much more affordable than BK. We were very happy with them and so were friends. It's a no frills place but they do a great job preparing kids for the test.


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