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    Has anyone received Hunter Round 1 result??

    Although I understand it's like a lottery and never ever expected ds to have a chance to get in, still can't stop checking emails every couple minutes...

    Has anyone received a result yet??

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    Was just coming here to ask the same thing. I haven't received anything yet and am also obsessively checking. Good luck!

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    Glad to hear I'm not alone. Good luck to you too!

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    Last year I got their email at 6:45pm for my older son. Can’t deal with the wait today.

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    Just got the email!

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    Just got the email too! Unfortunately ds didn't make it to the 2nd round (as expected). Best of luck to those who advanced to the next round!

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    did it say how many people applied?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redzep View Post
    did it say how many people applied?

    1665 applied this year.


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