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    Hey nycstudent, you've already got the right attitude! That's good news right there.

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    As a student awaiting results, March 18th sounds like a nightmare to me. I'm already counting down the days until March 4th. I genuinely do not think I could wait two more weeks after that. While I did take the SHSAT, my top choice school is a non-specialized, and it irks me that I may have to wait longer for that too!!

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    I'm really nervous. I'm scared to find out, but at the same time, I wish it was the 4th rather than the 18th. I just want to know, like ripping off a band-aid. I'm glad this thread was created. I've been reading last year's SHSAT results thread over and over again, for a few months now.

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    It's ok to be nervous, it's an exciting time!

    I remember when I took the test. My mother brought me on the IRT to the Flatbush and Atlantic Ave stop and went shopping at Fulton Street I think while I said goodbye and headed to Tech. Don't know how, especially with the Tech antenna is a landmark to follow, but I got lost getting there not sure I knew what it looked like at the time. Since I was late all the doors were locked. People saw I was lost and kept telling me to go here and there. I must have walked that block 100 times. Certain I was followed a few times. Now I was later than late. At this point, another kid and his father were there too. Finally he started whacking the giant bronze(?) doors of Tech. It was like us in the Wizard of Oz!! lol Somebody who turned out to be a teacher came and told us too bad you're late goodbye.

    I'm late, exhausted, upset and with bullets of sweat pouring off of me (I don't recall wearing a coat or even jacket that day). Now I'm like, how do I get back to the train, it's was bad enough finding Tech. This is before cell phones.

    Just as me and the other kid and his father were walking off, somebody yells at us from the door. He brings me into this giant auditorium, amazing size totally daunting, figure I'm going to get yelled at, instead he hands me a clipboard and says sit there and start your test. It takes me a bit to calm down still... and then.... What the!?!?! Never seen anything like it before in my life. This was before handbooks were provided that I knew of and certainly before lots of kids got tutoring. You just went and took it. I was certain I was doomed. Math like I've never seen before in my life. Strange English stuff (scrambled paragraphs, etc.). IQish stuff that I never really saw before.

    But I took it, enjoyed the challenge (I love geeky math and science stuff), and got in. My first choice was Tech. It was my dream school and still really appreciate the experience of it all and it's great that NYC has such possibilities. At the time, folks went to their local HSs only. Now, the plethora of opportunities, both SHSs and otherwise, is really wonderful IMO. Really there is too many choices.
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    I wasn't really following this thread but is the March 18 the "official" date for the results to be distributed?

    If so, that is a bit later then last year where results were disturbed on the 7th. Not to mention its a monday too. I noticed that in the last few years results are usually disturbed near the middle of the week (such as wednesday through friday) this way parents can have the weekend to think about their decision and whatnot. Its not official rule but something I noticed when i was in middle school and 8th graders got their results.

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    Yes, that kind of unofficial schedule you mention above seems to be what they intend. DOE doesn't like to be pinned down like that so the official date is "March."

    However, in court documents about a case going on about the SHSAT they mention their intention for it to be March 4. Of course different people get the mail delayed even with that being the case, although this year they have myschools.nyc (which minus the court case the data is already available, except there is two outcomes so not making it available yet makes sense).

    Because there is a cascade of issues that come about if there is a delay, they suggested the judge decide ASAP so that "in the worst case" it would be no latter than March 18. The plaintiffs want this resolved ASAP too. So in one way nothing has changed. Yet.
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    Hey, does anyone know when the results or letters come out ? cause i need to know before the 7th or 6th of march because my mom is going to register me into my highschool that i got accepted into but sense i took the shsat for bronx science i also need to know when that comes out before she pays 800 for registeration.

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    The DOE won't commit to a date beyond "March" they never have. However we are aware that they are thinking of going for a March 4 release of the information. However there is a court case pertaining to how offers are being made so the date currently hinges on when the judge makes that decision. Both sides have asked the judge to expedite the decision if possible. It may or may not be a lengthy process depending upon what the judge does and/or decides. Realistically for things to stay on track as if the court case did not exist the judge would need to decide in the next 2 or 3 days. But, if planned for properly there is probably still a few days wiggle room. A second semi target has been set for March 18. For many reasons that date would set off some side effects such as that it is later than some non-NYC public school decision dates, as is your case. In the case that did happen there would be no choice but to either do something like pay the 800 registration or re-decide whether you should or not. Not a good situation, so hopefully the judge decides in the next few days which might let the March 4 date be adhered to.
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    Passionate tutor of Elementary School subjects specializing in NY state tests, and the specialized high/middle school tests (SHSAT, Hunter, TACHS/CHSEE, ISEE, SSAT, ERB, ...)

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    Both parties asked the judge to rule by Feb. 25th, aka tomorrow. Is there a chance he wouldn't rule tomorrow? I am confused! Someone, please explain...

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    He does not have to rule by tomorrow but I think that he will. Iím sure he realizes what is at stake. Although the DOE claims they need a 3 week turnaround time to get letters mailed, they are supposed to be posting the results on myschools.nyc. Iím sure that doesnít take 3 weeks. Unfortunately, those contemplating catholic schools will probably have to register and sadly lose the money if you donít attend. Iím not hopeful the results will be posted before then.

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