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    Thanks for sharing your insight Citykidznyc about reviewing your child’s score. My daughter was devastated with her outcome on the SHSAT. ( 494 Brooklyn Latin .) We made an appointment to see her exam to get to the bottom of what went wrong. My daughter scored 221 on the ELA. It is a good thing that she and I saw her exam and know her ELA score.My daughter forgot to answer the last math question on the test. It was a word problem and definitely not an easy question . She saw that if she had answered the question she would have got into Brooklyn Tech. So yes , there is definitely a difference between a mock test and the actual test !
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    Quote Originally Posted by BronxScience2023 View Post
    OMG, did you do any prep, I live 15 (around walk) minutes from Stuyvesant in Chinatown, and although I got into Bronx it is a little longer commute, I wanna try again in 9th grade.
    Bronx Science is amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.S.R.Y.E View Post
    Bronx Science is amazing.
    For truth. But also remember to always keep pragmatics at hand as there is many amazing schools. More important is what's a best match for you.
    Passionate tutor of Elementary School subjects specializing in NY state tests, and the specialized high/middle school tests (SHSAT, Hunter, TACHS/CHSEE, BCA, MS 54, Anderson...)

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    I got into Brooklyn Latin and my score was a 526, Stuyvesant was my first choice and Brooklyn Latin was my second

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    9th grade. score 612. first choice sit accepted into sit.

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