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    Does anyone know when the tours were last year? That might give us a clue considering the Nest+ tours are scheduled for the 15th and 16th.

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    I'm guessing they will come out tomorrow! My bet at least... Tomorrow or Friday.

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    You think they will come out before the general K placements?

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    I emailed the DoE and was told the Kindergarten placements will come out later this week if you applied online (will also get an email notification when they are released). If you applied in person, the K placement letters will be mailed by next week. I doubt the G&T results will be out before the K placement results. Like others have posted, I think the G&T results will be out closer to Spring Break, which starts on 4/19.

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    for clarification on previous year, k placements went out on march 22nd, g&t results went out on march 27th. nest+m tour was on april 9th. all will be forthcoming! my guess is that we should have g&t results early next week, and definitely NOT before k placements.

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    Good news, Just now i called the DOE office. They told G&T Results will get before april 1st. We will get this week.

    Good Luck Everyone
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    Waiting for k offers and G&T results is so overwhelming. I've been checking website since Monday. They won't give an exact date for k offers, they just keep saying end of march. I'm also hoping we get G&T results by April 1st or next week the latest!

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    Results will probably be posted tomorrow

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    Hi, are you referring to k offers or G&T results being posted tomorrow?

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    I was told "late March" on the phone yesterday but the process has been such a disaster this year that I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't until April.

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