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    They may not be, but most likely they are based on reality, just incomplete, for any definition of incomplete.
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    Did G&T Lottery process finished?

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    Guys, NO ONE KNOWS. All we can do is wait.

    I just called the DOE trying to extract an answer from an unwitting employee, but no, she didn't know when the results would come out (she only told me that last year was June 1st, and she would guess it would be the first week of June). Before my question, she took down all the info about my child, etc. so I thought maybe I could access some info, but no dice.

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    Has anyone who had the “transient” offer (without the pdf letter) call the school to see if they had a list of their own? Someone on one of the FB groups said there is a parent who called the school and confirmed that his/her child is on their list and registered for G&T.

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    What is the other forum u follow, curious

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazymom View Post
    What is the other forum u follow, curious
    Alina Adams media on FB

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    Our transient offer was for Anderson and when I called the school, they said that they were aware of the problem but didn't have any more information than we did. They only knew about it from other parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ledgie1 View Post
    Alina Adams media on FB
    I read the same on Alina Adams's newsletter but this mom said she had an actual offer letter which seemed odd to me. We never saw an offer letter on the My Schools site during the "glitch" period. And reading through this thread nobody here mentioned seeing an actual offer letter. So not sure what to make of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ledgie1 View Post
    Alina Adams media on FB
    I think the person "had the actual offer letter" said at the end that "this is frustrating. Do you think that for the HS results those of us that do have letters and confirmation from the school will have any issues?"

    Believe it's for high school, not us

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    also the mom said that the school confirmed their placement which is weird since the other schools (like anderson in the message above) says that they have no info. not sure if AA's info is correct this time

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