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Thread: Prep for Prep

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    Thank you!

    If you don’t mind me asking, which independent school did you attend? I know that Prep offers resources to students to help transition into the new environment of the independent schools, but were the teachers and students at those schools welcoming to Prep students? I am just curious as the students at these private schools are obviously more priveleged so wanted to see if the adjustment was challenging.

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    Sorry, seems I inadvertently mislead. I did not go to an independent or private school. I went to Brooklyn Tech but with similar sentiments et al.
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    I went to the holderness school in New Hampshire, and my wife went to hackley in riverdale. Through prep and college, I basically know a student of color at most private schools in the city and independent school I'm the north east. Prep offers many resources to help you cope with the transition, like how my boarding school had less than 10 minorities. The adjustment wasnt troubling in terms of grades and keeping up with the school work, we were usually much better prepared than most kids at these schools. Most of these schools administratively are very welcoming of prep kids. We are high achieving and, frankly, make them look good. We are frequently visited by Preps post placement counselors, and can always find someone to talk to at the org if we have issues. All the school have a relationship with Prep so we have a fantastic advocate if we have an issue.

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    Thank you all so far. This thread is the most helpful. I'm a parent of a 5th grader who's applying to P4P. I'm wondering how much financial assets play a part. We are middle class, basically not poor enough for any aid but not rich enough to pay for private school. Basically like an average family that's stuck in the middle.

    Will you not get accepted based on income? When will they tell you? I read that people "they" considered to have money will still need to pay some form of tuition. I don't want my child to go through 14 months and come to find out that we still have to pay a lot for tuition and can't afford it (or we prefer to spend our $ on other things vs private school).... any insights?



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