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Thread: Prep for Prep

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    Prep for Prep

    Anyone have any insight on the program and on the IQ portion of the test?

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    The I.Q test is a one on one 90 minute quiz on memory, puzzle-solving, and mathematics. You will have to memorize a sequence of numbers and say it backwards, and find which numbers fit into a certain pattern. You will also receive 4 cubes, each face with 2 colors with a diagonal line through them; white and orange on each side of this line. With these you need to make certain patterns, each one harder than the next.

    Some tips:

    Seem engaged and be friendly to your proctor
    Don't get mad if you run out of time on a problem
    Dress in nice clothes (make a good first impression)
    Take practice I.Q tests beforehand so you know the feeling of what it's like

    That's all I should say.

    Good luck!


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