From Vanity Fair by Nicole Sperling:
In the fall of 2017, a group of 75 or so well-heeled parents from the toniest neighborhoods of Los Angeles gathered in a ballroom at the Hotel Bel-Air to listen to college counselor William Rick Singer say the words theyve been dreaming of hearing since their progeny began to walk: We will get your child into college. These were upper-class parents, the kind who had spent the previous 15 or so years fretting over the butterfly effect of every educational decision they made concerning their child: Did we put them in the right nursery school? Did the private school we chose correctly correlate with our childs unique style of learning? Does their rsum feature the correct ratio of athletics to community service? In Singer, they found a man who vowed to somehow make sure all of those decisions had been correct.

Listen to me, he told them, and I will get your child into college.

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