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    Making sense of math curriculums - TERC vs Bridges vs Everyday Math

    Maybe its just me but am I the only one who doesnt know the diff between the math curriculums at various private schools? Can soembody help me understand the philosophy and pros/cons of TERC, Bridges and Everyday Math?

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    I've had my issues with my children's school using TERC. The curriculum is trying too hard to get everybody to love math. TERC forgoes so much of the content one needs to be successful in algebra and beyond. The program does not teach standard computational methods and algorithms, promote mastery of basic arithmetic facts nor mastery of multiplication tables or simple long division.

    If you're really interested in the shortfalls of TERC, have a read here:


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    This is really interesting, thanks for posting!

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    I wasn't that familiar with Everyday Math but looks like it has as many detractors as TERC. Check out a couple of the links below which has reviews from parents and educators about the math curriculum.


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