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    Discovery Program 2019

    I want to get into Brooklyn Tech (my first choice) but my score didn't make the cut (423). I heard of the Discovery Program; whereas the specialized high schools give you a second chance to enroll into their school by taking a course during the summer. Are my chances too low?

    The requirements are (according to the DOE website):

    1 . have scored within a certain range below the qualifying score on the SHSAT . Eligible scores will vary from year to
    year and will be based on seat availability; and
    2 . have listed one of the Specialized High Schools that plans to host a 2019 Discovery Program as among the choices on their 2018 SHSAT answer sheet; and
    3 . be certified as disadvantaged by their current school; and
    4 . be recommended by their current school as having high potential for the Specialized High School program .

    I already qualify for all of the requirements except for #1.
    This may seem ridiculous, but I have a family member that goes to Brooklyn Tech; would that bring up my chances to get into the Discovery Program?
    Does the program search for attendance/grades ?

    Edit: These are not the requirements, because they're outdated.

    The real ones are:
    1) a student from a low-income household, a student in temporary housing, or an English Language Learner who moved to NYC within the past four years; and
    2) Have scored within a certain range below the cutoff score on the SHSAT; and
    3) Attend a high-poverty school. A school is defined as high-poverty if it has an Economic Need Index (ENI) of at least 60%. You can see a school’s historical ENI by visiting the School Performance Dashboard( ) and selecting the school from the list.
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