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    Results are posted on mystudents website

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    Yes, I got the result. My son is admitted by NEST+M. So happy for him.

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    Congrats. If i may ask, what were his grades and state scores ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QueensMom View Post
    Congrats. If i may ask, what were his grades and state scores ?
    He is in fifth grade now. He got full score 654 (4.5) in ELA and 645 (4.42) in Math, and all 4s in the 4th grade report card. Nest+M is his dream school.

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    Mark Twain Math Cutoff Score

    Does anyone know the Mark Twain cut off score for Math talent?

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    Does the school declare their cutoffs on their website ? Or anyway ?

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    No, They don't do it. I wish they do.....

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    Did anyone receive a call from DOE to "reconfirm" the placement?

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    For those wondering my daughter who got all 4s in grades, 4.42 in math and 4.25 in ELA was NOT offered a spot at NEST+M. We are quite happy with #2 on our list (Mark Twain), but I know others were asking about the cutoff for NEST so I thought it would be helpful to know that 4.25 on ELA did not make the cut.
    Also, I really wonder how they handle kids with no state tests since there are thousands who got all 4s in grades, does it just keep them out of the running if they don't have states?
    My other kid is doing high school apps next year and some say it's not fair because it's much easier to get 99s than it is to get equivalent high state tests so for e.g., if you have 99 average and they double that, you will be at a disadvantage at NEST if they really do double your classroom grades (doubling 99 will beat out a kid who took the states, 99 + 4.1 or 4.2 on states ). Does anyone have confirmation of this?

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    someone did a survey by calling principals at several popular HS directly , forgot which parents site it came from - they can't knock kids out who opt out. I assume its similar for middle school.
    Most schools say "For applicants WITHOUT NYS Test Scores on their application, the other factors are weighed more heavily." or "If NYS Test Scores are not available, the student’s overall 7th grade Course Grades will be doubled". It also seems like some JHS in manhattan that give out averages over 100% (see urban baby, seems like most kids in Elro have 99 or 100+ average cause feeder MS gives extra credit).
    Mark Twain never shares their cut offs - its just word of mouth if you can find it on various groups.


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