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    So that's totally not fair to the kids who sit for the test because it's really hard to get 99% in both math and ela state tests but like you're saying at ElRo, at my kid's school there's total grade inflation - most 7th grader with over 95 average!

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    Hi All - i am in the process of applying to middle schools for my son and i am curious to know if your kids was offered a seat to your top choice (i do see here some did) and how many schools did you ranked? Im afraid that if i rank too many schools my son will not get into one of the higher choices or if i only rank 3 schools he wont get in any (since they all depend on priority groups etc). Any recommendations in how to tackle this? His top choice school does not require an entrance exam, but all the other schools do (Columbia secondary, Tag, Mott Hall, The Anderson School); i also have two additional schools which Im not crazy about and not sure if i should list safe schools. Yikes this is just very exhausting and i want him to get accepted into a good school. Hes a 90+ average student. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you mean that they'll just jump and take like you're 7th choice, no, you're prioritizing them so that won't happen. The selection goes top down so putting too many may have its own issues but putting too many in and of itself doesn't mean your top choices don't get picked.

    But yes, if you only put 3 and none get a hit, a zoned MS will be assigned to you (I think that's how it's working now days, somebody correct me if I'm recalling wrong).
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