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    SHSAT Study Practice Schedule

    Please share your at home study schedule like with your child? Did they take a test every day in addition to the class etc. Thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsheril View Post
    Please share your at home study schedule like with your child? Did they take a test every day in addition to the class etc. Thanks in advance.
    I had a tutor every sunday. It lasted 4 hours. After each class, we received a hw packet composed of 20 questions. During 5 day week span, I did little by little of the hw. About 5 questions per day. That is after I finish my regular school hw. People tend to forget that things you LEARN in school also appears on the test as well. So even paying attention in class and studying for your own school exams is in somewhat practice for the SHSAT. During the time when I did my hw, I also took a good look of my notes from the tutoring. This way, I have those fresh in my mind. That was about it for the school year.

    During the summer months, things became more intense. Since you have no more school, you tend to forget crucial lessons from school. Even as something as simple proportions may not be so simple when Octubre rolls around. During the summer months, I still had some notes from school and I kept those in the back of mind so I wouldn't forget. While at the same time, my private classes increased the amount of hw. I also had like 3-5 shsat books. So on the morning time, I did some math problems via both hw and books. Go on break and do summer activities. Come back at evening, take a look at grammar and reading passages via both hw and books. Spent like a hour-hour and half on both. Called it a day. Its important to NOT TO TAKE IN TOO MUCH INFORMATION AT ONCE. Summer is where you're supposed to relax. But don't be like the kids who sees it as a total non studying session. Its not.

    About every 3 weeks I had to take a full length shsat exam in my tutor. Before that exam, a week before, I take my own diagnostic exam. My scores were mostly in constant in the 520's and 540's. Every once in awhile it dropped to a mid 500 and sometimes rose to a 580. Biggest thing to take away from this is to monitor your progress. If you see a drastic drop or is not scoring in the shsat cutoff range of in the 490's after a couple of exams...something's wrong with ur studying. Or somethings not working out.

    That was my schedule. Seems a bit tough but it was worth it at the end. About to be a sophomore at bths in a few months. Gl

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    Some top-level thoughts while SHSAT studying:

    * Know why you're doing this
    * Plan for setbacks to occur
    * Stay in good health (eating, sleeping, etc.)
    * Make sure you're in a time and space where you can focus
    * Take bite-sized chunks
    * Slow and steady wins the race
    * Be consistent
    * Change up your approach when necessary
    * Resolve frustrations and concerns early
    * Establish milestones
    * Find your strengths and weaknesses
    * Know when to take a break
    * Don't ignore checks and balances
    * Eventually determine what your pacing should be
    * Eventually determine how to organize your order through the test
    * Keep in mind you don't know what you don't know in every sense of the thought
    * This is as much psychological as it is anything else
    * Get help when necessary
    Passionate tutor of Elementary School subjects specializing in NY state tests, and the specialized high/middle school tests (SHSAT, Hunter, TACHS/CHSEE, BCA, MS 54, Anderson...)

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    Thank you. very helpful.


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