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    G&T 174 vs 144 vs IS 119 vs Zoned School PS 49

    Daughter did fairly well in G&T (overall score of 99) and was hoping for any insight all into the schools listed on the bottom. She's currently zoned for PS 49 which seems like a good school overall but it does not offer G&T.

    G&T schools we're considering listed below:
    PS 174
    PS 144
    IS 119

    Please provide any feedback as we're really struggling to decide to order here. If you have any valuable resources, please provide it as its very difficult to identify a school's G&T program.

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    I have had a child in each of 144 and 174. Both are academically fine; I like the culture of the school a bit better in 144. It is warmer, better at dealing with things like bullying, and has a stronger arts program.

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    Great Thank you WorkingMama.


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