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    District 2 G&Ts for 3rd Grade entry point?


    My child has a 98 percentile and is currently in 2nd Grade at a downtown Manhattan school.

    We are familiar with and interested in PS11. With no sibling priority what are our chances there? Or at Chelsea Prep?

    What are PS 198 Isador Straus and some of the other District 2 G&T schools like? Per InsiudeSchools, PS 130 Hernando De Soto seems to have good art and music offerings. But we are unsure whether that is a good match for our child who doesn't speak any Chinese since a lot of kids there might be bilingual.

    Any suggestions or info regarding anticipated number of spots or else links to District 2 G&T school rankings will be much appreciated!

    Thanks You

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    Re your comment on PS130, I wouldn't be concerned that your child doesn't speak any Chinese. Although the GenEd students are predominantly Chinese, the G&T class has more diversity (though still may be more Asian relative to other G&T programs). But a lot of the kids, even the Chinese ones, actually don't speak Chinese! I wouldn't make language be an issue. You should tour the school and see how you feel about it!

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    My DC got into both 33 and 11 in 3rd grade with a 99 (we turned our first offer down, which was our second choice, then finally got off the wait list for our 1st choice)... so could be very possible that the next person in line behind us for that spot had a 98 (we'll never know). Definitely worth applying. I know of a number of families who have moved from downtown Gen Eds to either 33 or 11 in older grades.

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    Not all the schools have published tour dates and it is difficult to take time off of work to tour each and every program. Hence the initial screening by asking around!

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    Thank You.

    Approximately when did you get off the wait list for your first choice?

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