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    Ps 111

    Our daughter got a 98 on the G&T. We are applying to all the Manhattan citywides in case a miracle happens, but we're zoned for PS 111 and are happy there's a G&T right in the middle of where we currently work and live. Anyone have good/bad experience with PS 111 G&T? Are the PS 166 or PS 33 or PS 11 G&Ts worth ranking higher? (They're out of the way of our daily activities, and we could just walk to PS 111 now. But our lease is up in about a year and half, and we could move closer.)

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    PS 111 is our zoned school and my daughter attended pre k there (we are at a different school now). I've heard the program is good. Everyone raves about Ms. Ventura the current Kindergarten G&T teacher. I know of 3 families currently in the K G&T class, and a few with kids in the upper grades, that may be willing to give you their thoughts.

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    Hi! I thought I replied, but maybe I didn't. I'd love to chat with the parents with kids in the current K G&T at 111 or the upper grades, if you don't mind putting me in touch with them. Also wondering what school your daughter is going to now and why you didn't continue at 111, if you don't mind.


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