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    Same here. Our (exceptional) pre-K teacher said go for it, you can always come back to zoned GenEd. I get the sense from these boards that very few go back. We are worried GenED teachers don't have time/resources/obligation to meet higher performing students at their level. Just knowing there will be 2 classes of ~95+ kids, teachers with G&T credentials, and additional TA in the classroom, are biggest reasons we are leaning towards PS 33.

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    Does anyone know the logistics of "coming back" to zoned GedEd? I'm asking not really because of the schoolwork or the G&T school itself (comfortable / happy with both), just because I'm nervous about the bus, commute, etc. Our zoned GedEd is good, and a two minute walk. G&T where we got offer (33) is 40 min bus ride. If the commute is too much for us, do they "have" to take us back? What if the classes are full? Does anyone know if there is a specific DOE policy on this?

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    FiDi dad, I can speak to this. My kid is at a (very good) GedEd, and we have major problems about the schoolwork challenging my child and being appropriately advanced. This was the main reason we went through this G&T process, because our Ged Ed is very close and ranked well, and we were so reluctant to mess with that. My take on GedEd is that they are wonderful if your kid is struggling in any subject, they are SO supportive and nurturing, but they lack the resources for the gifted child.

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    PS 33 G&T program vs PS6

    We are zoning in ps6, but my son got in ps33 G&T program, I wonder any one could share some ideas which school we should pick? appreciate!

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    The teachers at PS33 are above and beyond. The school is also smaller in terms of number of students, class size and number of classes. We toured city-wides and D2 schools and chose 33 first in the D2 category. Couldn't be happier. Hope this helps!

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