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    There was another similar thread last year, also helpful in reviewing it too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fidi_mom View Post
    Thank you so much. Saw 33 yesterday and will be seeing 11 tomorrow so may take you up on your offer after that. May I ask if you considered lower lab at all and if not, was it just the distance? I realize chances are slim but that is another one on my list as of now, so any insights welcome. Thanks!
    Sure, we did rank NEST, Anderson, Lower Lab, TAG, 11, 33, 130 (in this order). We were 100+ on the waitlist for LL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chloe View Post
    fidi_mom and Bpcmomof2, would you be ok with sharing your answers here? I'm also trying to figure out PS11 vs PS33 and it's so difficult just from the open houses. Thanks!

    Of course, Chloe, I’m happy to help. Talking to other parents (on this forum and in-person) was what helped us make the decision to rank 11 ahead of 33 last year. Feel free to ask any specific questions. After gathering all the information (and being at PS11 for almost a year now), I have no doubt that PS11 is a “hidden gem”. The school doesn’t do a good job advertising all its greatness at the open house. In fact, we found quite the opposite: the principal’s initiative to not differentiate G&T from GenEd made it quite impossible to see the amazing things the G&T students do at the school. Being at the other side now, I can see the enormous benefit of this: school community is AMAZING! They do have strong academics. My kid entered kindergarten reading spared words only and she now reads chapter books (level K, which is expected for second grade). They use TC curriculum. Math curriculum is very enriched, but this does not harm advancing to a higher grade content if your kid excels. There are kids in my daughter’s K working on multiplication and division. To be honest, we’re amazed by how they can accomplished all this and also spend so much time “outside classroom” in specials. There’s formal keyboard instruction in music (my daughter knows the notes, plays different songs and reads music scores!). Theater, dance, computer, cooking, gym, swimming (2nd grade on), are other examples. The chess team is amazing and wins several local, state and national competitions (which is not advertised enough). There’s no second language instruction (besides some specials), which we would like to have. There are some after school offerings though (French, Spanish, Russian I believe). I overheard that parents have analyzed scores of 4th grade G&T students and that it was no different than Anderson’s (I did not see any analysis but would not be surprised).PTA is amazing. It seeks out lots of external funding. They do a great job educating the kids to be great citizens (and not only great academics). The social, emotional, societal work they do is really impressive. And, of course, the chickens!!! I’m happy to help with more info, just send me the specifics questions. Good luck!

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    I posted this in the wrong (old) thread:

    I have direct experience with NEST and PS33. Several years ago, I also toured PS 11 vs. PS 33 and took notes.

    NEST vs. PS 33:
    - Academically, PS 33 is more "traditional" than NEST. PS 33 follows an approach that was more similar to NEST before the current principal Mark Berkowitz took over several years ago. Mark is quite "progressive", especially compared to Cindy at PS 33. Some people like it, some don't. For our kids, we thought a traditional approach worked better for one and a progressive for the other. PS33 noticeably more take-home work than NEST+m at the same level.
    - As a citywide school, the NEST student body is more geographically dispersed. There are pockets of students in every neighborhood, especially Brooklyn, Queens and the various neighborhoods in Manhattan. Implication: Chelsea Prep community seems to be closer than NEST ... easier to setup playdates, 5 vs. 2 kids at the typical bus stop, etc.
    - Socioeconomically, NEST+m is diverse than PS 33 (the G&T program), which draws almost entirely from District 2 parents.
    - Other than these two factors (geography and socioeconomics), I saw zero difference in the brightness, curiousity, intelligence, etc. of the G&T student populations at NEST and Chelsea Prep. To this day, I see no material difference between the average kid who scored a 90 and one who scored a 99 on that test.
    - Parents in both schools are both very involved in their kids' education. In general, this may have been the biggest draw for us of G&T programs.
    - I want to say that the average PS 33 G&T parent donates more money to the PTA than the average NEST parent, but at PS33 the PTA funds are split with the GenEd program where contribution and participation rates are far lower. While I did not attend, looking at photos, the PS 33 gala was almost entirely G&T parents.

    PS 33 vs. PS 11 (based on my notes from several years ago):
    - We had ranked PS33 above PS11 by a slight margin. Note that some of this was specific thoughts on the different approaches (PS33 "traditional", PS11 "progressive") and what we thought was more appropriate for our child. Note also that my understanding is that more parents will rank PS11 over PS33 in most years.
    - Facilities-wise, PS11 was slightly better back then. However, we did not really care much for the swimming pool and with the new playground, I would probably say they are comparable.
    - Location and preceived safety-wise, PS 11 is better. Closer to major subways and also neighborhood is noticeably nicer.
    - PS33 shares 1 TA for every two classes. PS11 has 1 rotating teacher per grade, but no assigned TAs (don't know if this hasn't changed from when I took the tour).

    Other PS33 specific notes:
    - PS33 recently build a new outdoor playground that is quite nice. My child likes to run around and gets a lot of that at Chelsea Prep.
    - I can validate the often-mentioned anecdotes about the divide between G&T and GenEd students at PS33. G&T is almost entirely white, asian with a really high number of half-white/asian children. GenEd is mostly black and latino.
    - PS33 lower grades have 1 TA that is shared between 2 classes (1 G&T, 1 GenEd). Like NEST, there is a specific TA fund that is meant to support this effort.

    Overall we have had a wonderful experience at NEST, at PS33 and we have friends who only say great things about PS11. I don't think you can go wrong with either one (or any G&T program for that matter), so I think maybe it comes down to needs of the individual child and logistics.

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    Thank you Bpcmomof2, this is so helpful!

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    At PS11 do kids stay with their K class going forward or do they mix the two G&T classes every year? Thx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fididad View Post
    At PS11 do kids stay with their K class going forward or do they mix the two G&T classes every year? Thx.
    The kids do get mixed up when moving up the grade.

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    We were offered a seat at PS 11. Do they offer a tour/orientation before we need to accept? Trying to decide between 234 and 11 if anyone has any advice

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    We are also deciding between decent GenEd and G&T. Any recent opinions on PS 11 or PS 33? We are worried about our son getting bored in GenEd.

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    Same situation. PS33 vs very good GenEd. hard to decide.

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