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    Anyone car pooling or bussing/vanning from Queens to Anderson?

    Is there anyone out there who is car pooling or private bussing/vanning from Queens to Anderson?

    My pre K little girl got her 99 on the GNT test, but living in Rego Park / Forest Hills means that there's no bus options at all (that we can find), not even private.

    We'd love to list Anderson first on our app, having seen it in person many times from taking our kid to her cousins who live right next to it, but transportation is a real issue.

    We're hoping there's some parents out there who have organized something private for Anderson from Queens. If yes, please let me know!


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    I live in the same neighborhood and am considering applying for my son. I spoke with an Anderson parent who lives in the neighborhood and she said she thinks most people just get there on their own. There isn't a private bus, and she said the logistics of carpooling are challenging, particularly if people have more than one child at the school. I haven't visited Anderson yet and I have an older child at a district school so I'm not sure yet if I will apply for the citywides. If we apply to Anderson or BSI and get a seat, I will definitely be interested in finding other neighborhood families to coordinate with. Forest Hills Parents might be a good place to ask this question too.

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    I was think about to move if we got offer.

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    I was thing about to move if my daughter got offer in Anderson school. we live in Floral park

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