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    Best district G&T schools in Queens

    This is for queens borough only.

    Hello everyone. Since we can apply more than the number of district G&T programs in a district, which other G&T schools out of your district have you chosen to apply? If you have researched out of district schools, which ones do you think stand out within Queens borough? Iím from district 28 and looking at 119, 203, 153, 188 in addition to citywide and district 28 G&T prgroams. What about you? Letís discuss. Thanks.

    And how do I change my username as I have a weird one.

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    I'd like an answer on this to but realistically I'd imagine its difficult to get into any of the really popular Queens G&T schools (if there are any really popular ones) due to district and sibling priority.

    For example, I'm in district 24 but I'm actually much physically closer to district 28 schools. I called PS 174 and PS 144 and both schools informed me there is always a waitlist for their programs.

    I was fortunate enough that our daughter scored really well but that is almost meaningless in other districts as priority goes to in-district students with a score of 90-99. Of course the high score will kick in assuming not enough in-district kids fill out the seats but at least in my situation, its probably unlikely that she can get into 144 or 174 since those seats will fill up with indistrict kids.

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    Does anyone have any experience to share on ps203, 153, 188, 229, 119 and ACE academy of scholars at the Geraldine Ferraro? Thanks


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