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    G&T PS11 vs PS198, which is better?

    Hello every one,
    I am trying to list the schools for the K grade G&T application. I do not know PS11 vs 198 which is better. I saw that many people discussed about PS11 here, while PS198 was not mentioned too much. I live in UES, so PS198 is closer. But distance is not a big problem for me. I mainly care about the student achivement, general environment and student diversity. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Both are great schools and it would be ideal if you visit them and get a sense of which environment you can picture your child thriving in. I think many families in the UES typically list their child for 198 simply because it's the only G&T in the neighborhood and that is likely the reason there is not much said about it on this platform. Many of the downtown families typically go for the ones downtown, so it's sensible that there is so much discussion about the downtown G&T schools.

    That being said, there is no better, just different. I won't say anything about PS 11 since so much has already been shared by others. PS 198 is diverse in its overall school population. Among G&T classes, it is less diverse in the sense that students are mostly Asian, South Asian and White. The school is going through some upgrades--new bathrooms, new exterior, new playground. Overall environment is friendly and the principal tries to create a sense of community within the school. The Parent Coordinator, Danielle, is superb and is always helpful with any information you need. Teachers, staff, and PTA send out school updates frequently to keep parents engaged and informed. There are plenty of opportunities for parents to connect and stay connected at PTA meetings and other events. Kids seem happy and engaged. This year, with the help of PTA funds, all grades got to participate in additional activities:

    K - yoga
    1st grade - chess
    2nd grade - hip hop dance & chess
    3rd grade - African drumming
    4th grade - ballroom dancing
    5th grade - fencing

    There is one G&T per grade at 198 so obviously it will be the same students in the class each year unless someone drops out or someone new comes in. There are 2 G&T classes per grade at PS11, which is something to consider if you prefer your child to have more of a chance of interacting with other students each grade.

    PS 198 assigns homework. PS 11 does not. There are various afterschool programs that children attend at 198, including the free, lottery-based Beacon program which also offers free holiday camps.

    Hope this gives you a sense of what might be best for your family.

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    Thank you so much for your information, especially on PS198. Very helpful to me.

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