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    Lower Lab - Bus from Downtown? Also, vs. PS 11 and 33?

    I realize chances are very slim, but considering LL and have been unable to find out whether there is a bus from the financial district (or nearby) - does anyone know where I can get this information? Also, if anyone has thoughts on LL vs 11 or 33, I would be happy to hear them. And if I missed anything I should be considered (last minute as it is) please let me know - as of now I only have 4 schools to rank!

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    At last night's open house at Lower Lab, they said that this year, the DOE-provided bus went as far south as 14th and 7th on the west side and 8th and University on the east side (though that's not very far east!). They emphasized that the five-mile rule for DOE buses is not five miles as the crow flies but rather is five miles of street travel distance. IIRC, they said something like, "Parents can organize private buses," but if they elaborated on that I didn't hear it.

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    Thanks very much - that is helpful!

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    I was comparing the same school when my kid entering K.

    Parents and teachers like PS11 principal, as shown in 2017-2018 school survey results. In Lower Lab, the current principal Sandra Miller is very infamous. Many good teachers left in the recent years since Miller pushed away the previous principal in 2016. Disappointed parents found solutions such as transferring their kids out to zoned schools, private schools and even move to suburb. A family even pulled the (very well-behaved) child out in 5th Grade. Think about that stress!

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