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Thread: Ps 124 G &T

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    Ps 124 G &T

    Toured today. Anyone have experience with the G and T program here? I get the sense there might be a lot of test prep here.

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    My child just graduated from ps124 G&T last year. I am satisfied with the school, it is safe, clean and well run.
    I don't think the test prep is too MUCH. They do test prep before state test. IMO, I like that so I dont need to find material myself. Homework is not too heavy, my child finished her HW in afterschool , in 6 years there , she did not do much homework at home. Sometimes I suspected she just finished her homework very quick

    One thing to keep in mind. PS124 G&T class just like regular class, it does not teach any extra or advance curriculum. But that may not matter much, imo, the peers in a class is much more important. in G%T class, kids tend to be better in term of academic and behavior ,and families tend to be more care about their kids.


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