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    So in general, assuming my kid gets a 99. If the odds of getting into let's say Anderson is 25%, Nest 40%, TAG 25% and getting into my local G&T school is 80% (with a 99). Would the most logical rankings be #1 - Anderson, #2 - Local G&T? As opposed to #1 Anderson, #2 Nest #3 Local G&T? I have heard that you have almost no shot at getting into the other citywides if you don't rank them #1. If you rank your local G&T school that is competitive, you might not make that either...

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    Again, not true. You won't be "penalized" for ranking a school a certain number. The individual schools don't have visibility into your rankings--the lottery is done by the DOE. If you want to go to a citywide, list all of them, in your personal order of preference. If you want your child to go to Anderson, list it first. Once your child's number comes up in the lottery, it will be "matched" with the highest ranked school on your list that has an opening. So if you put Anderson first, and there's an opening when your number is up, that's what you'll get. If there's no opening at Anderson, the algorithm will keep going down your list until if finds a school with an opening, be it Nest in your second slot, or your local G&T. That's why the only thing that matters (other than your score and luck) is ranking the schools to put the ones you want to attend most at the top of the list.


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