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    Citywide G&T MS admissions process

    Hi! I have a couple of questions here:
    1) would sibling priority apply for an older child applying to middle school if their younger sibling is in elementary school

    2) my older child is in a gen ed program- and I cannot afford private tutoring. I plan on using workbooks and websites. Can someone give me guidance for books or websites that can help prepare him for the 4th grade test and for the entry exam for a city wide school which he would take in 5th grade?


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    There is no entrance exam for GT middle school. They create a composite score using the 4th-grade report card including work habits and behavior. They also use their 4th-grade state tests. A child must have very high 4's on both the reading and math to be a contender.

    As for books. any staples or amazon NYS common core state test prep books should be fine.

    There is no sibling consideration in middle or high school.

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    If you are looking at a specific school best to look at the admissions page on their website. There are some differences for Citywide K-8 G&T as well.
    MS will use a composite score - the breakdown of the composite score varies by district and sometimes even school.
    Khan Academy has the NYS aligned common core curriculum for math, its very good.
    For the state tests, my kids schools use Ready CCLS. You can also download past State Exams.



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