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    DOEs STEM Summer in the City

    My 2nd grade daughter has been offered a seat in the 5 week STEM Summer in the City Program, at PS36 Manhattan. I was wondering whether anyone would be willing to share their experience, if their child has attended the camp. Were grateful to be offered a seat but want to make sure the program is fun and stimulating (its a 4 day/5 week commitment). Thank you.

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    My third grader was also accepted into the STEM Summer in the City program, but in Brooklyn. Any info appreciated!

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    I still don’t know much about the program. Found a few basic YouTube videos that show some serious academic classroom setups (tiresome video presentation though).

    We also called OPT (office of pupil transportation) with our student 9 digit ID number and found out we could get door to door busing!
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    So he likes the program so far - we are at PS6 in Brooklyn. The bulk of the day appears to be gamification of STEM topics. Separating into small teams. Launching air rockets out classroom doors. Building structures out of various materials and seeing if they will support the weight of progressively heavier stuffed animals. “Free play” outdoor recess period after lunch.

    At this point (based on descriptions from my son) kids appear to be broken down by grade level with 20 kids in a classroom and different educators handling different subjects. Kids move around to different rooms and have a home room they start and end the day in. Diverse mix of ethnicities and equal balance of boy/girl.

    They really don’t let parents peek in though. No real parent orientation and walkthrough. First day was a nightmare of disorganization and people yelling. Would be a turn off to many parents used to paid/structured camps. But a subsequent drop off went much smoother. School bus is running better as well. Staff is friendly.

    PS6 seems to be a district destination for standard Summer School, so there are a lot of other kids there who are not in the STEM program. It looks like a crowded school with parents dropping off at the front door and buses picking up and dropping off.

    I’ll update and correct this as I get more info.

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    My daughter went to something that sounds similar to what you're describing (across the board) at York College a few years ago. From what I could understand it was not run by DOE but at the end of the day it was light-hearted and she enjoyed the program. I'm wondering about this program, is it "3rd party" "teachers" or something more official in any ways?
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    My guess is it’s official DOE teachers who specialize in art or STEM topics. I pieced this together from numerous google searches spanning several years worth of sparse online data about the program and the leadership. Each location may be different in their approach however.

    I’d love official info though and am pretty amazed that there was no official tour at the start of the program.


    Got a flyer that said the program offers the following:

    - NaliniKIDS: incorporating social emotional and physical movement

    - Minecraft: building through the use of pixel art

    - LittleBits: using electrical building blocks to create inventions

    - Coding: creating games and solving puzzles through the use of visual block-based programming

    - EIE - Enginnering Is Elementary: inquiry based STEM curriculum that teaches students thinking and reasoning skills needed for success

    Trips to:

    - Aquarium

    - Prospect Park

    - Apple Store

    - the STEAM Center
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