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    District 25 g & t programs

    Does anyone have any insight to district 25 g and t programs, particularly ps 209?
    I am so new at this. I would love to hear anyone's input. Thank you!

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    we are in district 25 too but didn't get an offer from ps 209 but got one from ps 165 which was like our last choice based on distance. sorry wish i had more info but just wanted to let you know i'm in the same boat sort of!

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    We got in PS165 as well, which is also our last choice. Anyone has any information on PS 165 G&T program? Also, what is the chance of getting an offer while on waitlist #3?

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    I got offer to 165 as well, but we registered lottery school 244. I have no idea about 165....may stay in 244....

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    Hi Everyone, we have the similar issue. My daughter got an offer to the 209 G&T program. We hardly find any feedbacks/reviews on the G&T program. In the meanwhile, she also got into 244. Any recomendations on 209 G&T vs 244? Many thanks!


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