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    Does Student Have to Take School Bus Both Ways

    My child, who will be in K next year, will hopefully receive a school bus to school next year. We are in the district for the school and are 1.1 miles away. If I send him to school on the bus, it is required that he also take the bus back home?

    The main reason I ask is we often go to the playground after school. If the playground is halfway between home and school, it makes little sense for him to bus all the way home just for me to walk with him back to the playground. Will I have the option of picking him up at school instead of taking the bus home some days? Skipping the school bus entirely is not a good option, because we have neither a car nor a good public transit route between home and school.

    I wonder if other parents have dealt with this. Thanks for any insight.

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    I do believe you can choose one way only .as long as you let someone who works in transportation know.You will receive a form at the beginning of the school days.

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