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    after school

    i know this is just one aspect within your decision framework, but we had transferred our child from ps 116 to tag and the biggest thing we missed were the after school programs. not sure what transportation is like at ps 33 if you stay for after school programs, but at tag, there is no late bus which made after school enrichment prohibitive. there was a lot of value from having a great after school program. my son used to do chess/lego robotics, tennis, tae kwon do, science experiments, sports, etc 5 days a week after school, and post transferring to tag, all of that stopped. the gap in education is much wider than i could have imagined but i will say it's been impossible for us to replace that enrichment so far given how late he gets home now. ps 6 to ps 33 G&T the gap in education is much less than ps 116 to tag, so i think you have a tough decision to make. The fact that it's less clear cut and based on your individual priorities probably does imply that there won't be a "wrong" choice and your child will be in good shape either way. good luck!

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    at tag, i don't know of any families that do state exam test prep (vs a lot of that going on at non-G&T programs), but i do see many 4th grade classmates of my child already discussing the hunter applications process. reminds me of when i switched high schools as a child and a lot of the benefit beside better teachers were having a peer group that aspires to much greater heights.

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    Definitely a big consideration for going to G and T class is the learning environment may be more conducive to having the child reach their highest potential. I.e., The teacher expects the children in G and T to be more academically motivated and easier to teach, and may be more inclined to encourage the class to learn faster and teach to a higher level. The children also may recognize that higher expectations have been placed on them, and may strive to be at their best academic mode.

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    i just posted this reply in another thread as someone was comparing PS6 to a G&T and one parent was saying there was no academic difference in state test performance btw a good gen ed and G&T but that's based on aggregate scores. below was my response, the other parent compared PS6 to anderson so i did the same:
    I'd note that you have to look closer at the data to see the difference btw G&T and a good GenEd. The city releases the granular data by school.
    Most results on schooldigger are based on what percentage of kids were proficient (a 3 or 4) and does not differentiate btw a school that had 100% of the kids score a 3 vs a school that had 100% all 4's.
    Based on 2018, (i'll compare 4th grade as that's the grade that matters for middle school admissions, but the general point is valid for all years and all grades) 90.7% of PS6 scored a 3 or 4 for ELA and 90.8% for math, vs Anderson 98.1% for both ELA and Math. (So a small but material difference). (using an average of past 3 years the difference is larger, 88% and 88% for PS6 vs 97.6%/99.4% for Anderson.

    Looking deeper, for 2018 ELA 33% of PS6 students scored a 3, vs 9.4% of Anderson students, 57.7% scored a 4 at PS 6 vs 88.7% at Anderson. For Math, 17.3% scored 3 for PS6 vs 3.8% for Anderson, 73.5% scored 4 vs 94.3% for Anderson. I'd say those difference are quite material. you can look at the data yourself and come to your own conclusion, but i wouldn't take the data on the surface and say kids are performing the same at the two schools.

    I agree for 2018 3rd grade the aggregate difference was just 95 vs 98%, But 31.9% scored 4's at PS6 vs 56% at anderson, in 2017 the gap was much wider, 30.6% scored 4's at PS6 vs 83.6% at Anderson.

    Certainly you have to take everything into account when choosing what's best for your family but there is a large variance in academic performance, 20-50% more kids are scoring 4's vs 3's on the state tests (just one measure of performance, but the only one we readily have available to analyze).


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