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Thread: PS 33 vs PS 11

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    Is anyone commuting from UES to PS 33? How is it?

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    if helpful, we used to commute to ps11 from midtown east before we moved to chelsea. The kids caught the bus around 7:35 and were home around 4:15 if I remember correctly. It got messy a couple of times/ year with the UN in session, (which affected some of the UES people as well) but other than that it was fine. I did hear that the yellow school buses will be installing GPS for next year which is great!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivanm View Post
    Is anyone commuting from UES to PS 33? How is it?
    For whatever it is worth, I'm considering that commute question too. There is school bus coverage for the UES for PS33 and you can basically outfit your kid with a GPS watch to see where they are in transit. There is also a WhatsApp group for PS33 UES parents so you get a sense of where the bus is when it's returning kids. Anecdotally I've heard the trip to PS33 is around 45 minutes in the morning, and the return trip to the UES can be longer as cross-town traffic in the afternoon is a pain that gets worse the later the bus departs.

    One PS33 UES parent said a spectacularly bad bus day could be 4:30pm+ arrival at the UES -- having said that, I don't think that's a frequent occurrence by any stretch -- and admittedly, I should have asked for more details about the frequency of that sort of situation. What I mean is, I'm not trying to scaremonger, but I got the impression that sometimes after-school activity attendance could be challenged now and then when the bus is running late. So in K, maybe that doesn't matter. If your kid is in a more serious activity a few years down the line, maybe that's something you'd want to be aware of. But contrast that one parent's feedback with what another PS33 UES parent said: their kid has a lot of after-school activities on the UES all scheduled at 4pm and they have no real problems getting to them. I think we just have to be realistic about the variability that a bus is going to have in NYC traffic going crosstown and then up several dozen streets. It's a fair chunk of bus time.

    Also, I heard from more than one PS33 UES parent that the bus timing is worse at the beginning of the year and that just happens every single year until things get worked out as the year progresses.

    All of the PS33 parents I spoke with said that their kid likes the time on the bus. And everyone says it isn't what they expected -- that they were concerned about the bus time being problematic, but it turns out to be like a playdate for them.

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    Thanks for your input fragglemama and pick12lotto!

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    About the bus ride: I would consider the time spent on the bus for sure! My kid is at PS11 and takes the bus from downtown. In the morning it takes 15/20 minutes. In the afternoon about an hour. My kid complains a lot and is very tired by the end of the day. After school activities are VERY limited because of both factors (time and tiredness). Kids are not allowed to eat or drink on the bus - and that is a third important variable for us after a long day. As a parent I say, don’t neglect transportation! It can make the best school a nightmare. Thankfully for us it was just one year, as we’ll be able to do more pick ups on first grade.

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    fragglemama (love your handle, btw!) , thanks for the information on the renovations at ps 11. If you have another second to share your thoughts, can you give me / us some insight into exmissions at Ps 11. I couldn't seem to find any good numbers or stats on where the G&T kids go. Thanks!

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    Hi Tribeca_mom! I am a child of the 70s/80s for sure!!!

    Re. exmissions, I'm sure you have gotten a feel of the culture at PS11 from the tour, the principal's stance on G&T vs GenEd, etc so it would not surprise you that they are not well publicized or "celebrated". It is frowned upon to share where your child is going with other families (so that no one's feelings gets hurt, etc), so I just know where my friends kids are going.

    I had a child graduate last year, when the middle school admissions was very different from this year and (from just chatting with different parents), PS11 seems to have done better this year than last. That said, last year, you could only apply to one specialized school, so I had several friends who applied to East Side, Clinton, or Salk (smaller schools) and ended up at a local middle school. This year, you could rank several, so, for example, my kid did not get into Salk, but he did get into Lab. I think if you have a good student and prioritize specialized schools, you will be fine. However, I am one of the few families that did NOT prep for the state tests (PS11 does very little prep--a couple of weeks and minimal homework of course so I don't really know what they did) and I think that does play a large part into exmissions.

    What else? My kids were sick of the arts and dance and theater after 6 years of PS11 so I toured more of the math-y science-y middle schools. They also wanted to stay close to home (we live in Chelsea) so I toured: Lab, Salk, Morton (zoned), Baruch, ICE, and I had toured Nest and Anderson way back when. I really liked all of them and would have been happy for my kids to have gone to any of the above (except Morton--very Arty and they wanted something new). They both ended up at Lab and it is a wonderful school.

    Does that help?

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    Any PS 33'ers with advice on afterschool? Chess seems like a given on Wednesday. Any opinions on Serious Fun? Thx in advance.

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    HUGELY helpful fragglemama, thank you!

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    I came to these boards with the exact same situation... we registered at 33 this week but very high on the waitlist at 11, which initially love love loved! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to tour 33 and 11’s philosophy just seemed so aligned with mine so wasn’t too concerned with missing that open house. After more digging and research I have to say I think we are now veering towards keeping our seat at 33. I think my child will be stimulated and challenged at 33 and love that they have relationships with the Whitney museum and Third Street Music School.... would love to hear more about how they are incorporated.
    Comparing the two websites, the enrichments at 33 just look more varied and exciting and academically it’s a no brainer.
    What I’m holding onto at 11 is that I do love the principal at 11 and he seems to be genuinely be dedicated and committed to the students. As well as the kind and gentle philosophy they seem to really own. For us it’ll be a game time decision if offered a seat. Thankful for all the feedback on this thread!

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