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    g and t vs gen ed

    Did you or know of anyone who gave up their g and t spot and just stuck with gen ed?
    What would be your reasoning?

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    I am thinking of doing that. So far, I am not happy with the response I am getting from G&T school. I wasn't able to tour it and now the parent coordinator says it is too late. I have reached out to the principal. I like my district school a lot too.

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    Do you mind me asking what district you are in?
    I noticed some schools are strict about that.

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    dist 2. I am choosing between ps198 G&T and ps527. You?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IDontCare View Post
    dist 2. I am choosing between ps198 G&T and ps527. You?
    I am in district 25, queens. My main concern is that I have seen smart children who get "bored" in gen ed and their teachers tell their kids to go for further testing. I also have seen smart children who thrive in gen ed and they are happy. Of course, I do not know what my child is as real school begins now. It is hard as there is no cut and dry g and t for every school!

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    I would stick with G&T. A friend of mine have 2 kids who scored 99 and they decided to stay gen ed as they live across from their school in BPC. Now that the kids are in higher grades like 3rd grade they are bored in gen ed. I don’t think you notice a big difference in K but you may later if your “gifted” child is mixed in with others and not in a peer group like your child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maymom View Post
    Did you or know of anyone who gave up their g and t spot and just stuck with gen ed?
    What would be your reasoning?
    Years ago we gave up a district g&t spot for a well-regarded gen-ed. Reasons - proximity, philosophy/leadership (we liked the principal at the gen-ed much more and the school had a well thought-out curriculum), keeping siblings together.

    My child was not challenged but for the most part not bored in elementary school (when he was bored, it was mainly things like test prep that would have been present at the G&T as well). He got very high test scores, went to a great district middle school and is now at Hunter College High school - and we did not prep for the Hunter exam at all, he simply took the test.

    So, I don't think our decision not to take a gifted spot really influenced the ultimate outcome in any way. But there were certainly times when I wondered whether a G&T class would have been more engaging...and other times when I was grateful for a short walk and having my kids in the same school. My feeling is that whichever you decide, the grass will sometimes seem greener. Pick the path that feels right to you, and try not to second guess - odds are it won't matter at all in the end.

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    You can always try g&t first and switch out if you or your child don’t like it. It’s worth a try. My son is going to PS 188 g&t in district 26 and I am so excited. I really loved the tour given by the parent teacher coordinator and I would have been happy if my son went to gen ed there. The kids in the g&t class do cover material faster than the gen ed, and their work product has a lot more detail than the gen ed assignments. In the end, it is not clear if the gen ed vs g&t decision is that important. When we’re grown ups, we all work side by side together and not once did anyone ask me if I was a g&t educated student. Plus the lottery leaves out so many kids who qualify so there are smart kids floating around gen ed everywhere. Plus, this is a test they gave to 4 year olds. Can we really know if a kid is gifted at 4 years old? I also agree that these labels don’t matter very much.

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    I went to the 198 tour and really liked it. I was disappointed also, though, that they wouldnt let my son tour or look at the classrooms. I am happy to share what I learned and liked about the school if you are interested.I have also talked with a few parents whose kids go there and have had very positive experiences


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