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    Early admission to kindergarten


    has anybody heard of cases where NYC Public schools will admit a child to kindergarten a full year before the official deadlines? The current day care saw her getting bored and learning very quick so they are moving her to a UPK class this year where she is going to be with kids one year older


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    My understanding is that DOE is very strict with birth dates and she will be placed in her correct grade when she enters school. You should verify with DOE.
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    NYC public schools already have one of the youngest cutoffs for K in the country.

    My son started K at 4 and didn't turn 5 until holiday break, in late December. Are you talking about having a child who won't be 5 at all during the year, or how young? You should look into applying to gifted & talented programs for K rather than trying to put a baby in with kids who might be as old as 6 by spring semester.

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    Yes, I'd advise that you discuss this extensively with teachers, counselors, psychologists, and whomever you can get your hands on. I skipped kindergarten, as did one of my best friends (who I didn't meet until college). We both regretted that our parents did that as we felt that we were always immature socially and had a difficult time emotionally. My friend was bullied relentlessly and blames that for suffering severely from depression in adulthood. I was bullied for some time but mainly had trouble making friends in my grade and also felt that I made poor decisions at certain milestones in my life, possibly due to being too young to make the right decisions. Of course, not everyone will have these stories, but as someone who went through this, I urge you to consider the social-emotional aspect. My child is one of the youngest ones in his current K class (late October baby) and is still probably the most ahead academically out of all of his classmates. We're putting him in a G&T class next year and I think that'll be very helpful. We'll also continue to learn together outside of school.
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    ok I'll research but from the sounds of it on other boards, DOE doesn't accept this at all

    Any other solutions to her getting bored in school and not getting enough mental stimulation?

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    Like WorkingMama suggested, have your child tested for Gifted & Talented programs. Some of them accelerate their curricula by one year and many others have enrichment


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