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    NYC Gifted & Talented Test Prep Advise

    For those of you prepping kids for city wide programs (aiming for 97+ percentile) do you start prepping early (late August/early September) consistently (16-20 weeks)? or do you do it more intense closer to the test date (10 weeks or so)? And have you gotten private tutors or prepped them yourself?
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    When we were preparing my daughter we started in June. We only did about 10 questions a day and focused more on reading, tangrams, playing games, etc. As time went out we upped it to around 25 questions a day. We also enrolled her in a 15 week (I think it was 15 weeks) prep class that met once a week for an hour. Around November/December, she was bored with the process so we stopped prepping at home and she just attended her weekly prep class.

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    I think you will get a real range of answers here. There are some responses about this on the Gifted & Talented Results 2019-2020 thread. I didn't ever think my son would take the G&T test but a friend told me in November that her son was going to take the G&T test and that the deadline was the next day. I signed him up just in case, and after a couple of weeks we decided we'd have him take the test. So we had him do about 20 mins of practice questions each weekend leading up to the test (that was about 8 weeks). We didn't hire anyone for this as we figured that if he didn't score high, he didn't belong in the G&T program. We went over the technical aspects of test-taking (how to bubble in and erase completely, how he should look at every answer choice before settling on an answer, how he should bubble in a response even if he doesn't know the answer at all, etc.) as well as the various types of questions that would be presented. He did one full-length test administered in as closely a fashion as possible to what we thought the real exam would be, with a friend, about a month prior to the test. He scored a 98. Not high enough for citywide, but we felt that the citywides are too intense for our tastes, anyhow, and were pleased with where we have landed.

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    Please understand that even a 99 does not guarantee a citywide seat.

    Only possible exception is if there is a sibling currently already in the program. There are kids with scores that supposedly qualify for citywide who do not get seats in one, sometimes not even a seat in their closest district G&T program. And for my two cents, prepping beyond general orientation to the format and process of test taking is a waste. It's not a test of specific curriculum, but rather an aptitude test.

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    We started in September, so about four months prep time. Our kid's daycare had a separate G&T class and they had a packet to complete once a week. Once November came around, the prep increased and the focus was solely on G&T. It wasn't intense, just practicing the questions over and over for about 30 mins to an hour at a time. The hardest thing to do is to get your kid to sit still and focus for an hour or so.

    Your child does NOT need to know how to read or fill in bubbles if you are taking the G&T test to get into K. They get questions read to them and they will point to the answer.

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    WorkingMama, very well put.
    Drool6, yes, you're right-- sorry, my kid took the test as a kindergartener/rising 1st grader so he did have to fill in the bubbles himself, but I forgot that most people are taking the test for K.

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